How to Lose Weight with Cucumbers

Ways to lose weight on cucumbers are different, but basically, they all boil down to one thing – to eat fewer calories. The easiest way to done using vegetable diets, due to low calorie you lose weight without experiencing strong hunger. Cucumbers consist of 90-95% from water, but at the same time, contain many different vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber. With the help of cucumbers, you can lose weight and improve health. Their benefits for the body are as follows:

– Cucumbers detoxify the body. Fiber removes all the unnecessary from the gut, normalizes appetite. Vitamin C reduces the negative effects of free radicals, enhances immunity and helps fight with viruses.

– Fresh cucumbers are very useful for your body: Cucumbers stimulate digestion, normalizes water-salt balance, stimulate metabolism, cleanse the intestines, and cucumbers act as a diuretic and besides clean your skin.

– Cucumbers contain very few calories. By themselves, these vegetables are not well saturated, but in combination with other products, they are able to satisfy the hunger for a long time.

Weight Loss with Cucumbers

If you decide to lose weight on cucumbers, then you need to make a certain menu that is useful for your body. Before breakfast in the morning drink a glass of mineral water without gas, around 15-30 minutes, you will need to eat breakfast. Breakfast can be selected carbohydrate or protein, depending on how you accustomed eat, for example, for breakfast you can consume such foods as cereal, cheese, milk, butter, bread, cheese, eggs, meat or fish. Eating breakfast, remember that it should not more than 200 calories.

For lunch, you should consume a meal in three portions, eating a salad made from 1 kg of fresh cucumbers, caloric 1 kilogram of cucumbers 150 calories. In cucumber salad, you can add 30 grams of any low-calorie mayonnaise; it’s caloric content is 90 calories, no salt. In addition into the salad, it is desirable to add the greenery, which is very useful for our body, for example, it might be green onions, dill, basil, herring, cilantro, parsley or tarragon. Cucumber salad needs to divide into three portions. For example the first meal in 12-14 hours, a second meal – in 16-17 hours and the third meal – in 19-20 hours.

Before going to bed, sitting on a cucumber diet you can eat 2 oranges or the big apple, or you can eat a banana, pear, any mixture of fruits, the calorie content is not more than 100 calories.

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