SANITOVID Gel hand sanitizer with 80% ethanol 500ml / 1 Litre/ 5 Litre



Hands are the most common medium of spreading microbes. Frequent hand alcohol disinfection is considered to be an effective precaution against spreading bacterial and viral infections. Alcohol intended for hygienic disinfection is used in healthcare, adult and childcare, gastronomy and in places where keeping strict hygiene is required but handwashing is not possible or sufficient.

Sanitovid 80% liquid disinfectant is a line of six options, ready for immediate hand disinfection, containing 80% pharmaceutical ethanol. Ethanol is a soft and eco-friendly alcohol, which works better and has a better smell than other alcohol types. Our products contain glycerin, which has softening properties and, therefore, protects the hand skin and helps keep it naturally moisturized. The formula
is effective in destroying bacteria.

Our products are odorless and preservative-free. Clinical tests show that skin remains soft and
moisturized even with frequent use.

EN TEST: EN1500 – EN13727 – EN13624 – EN16616