SANITOVID Surface disinfectant wipes 100 pcs/ 300 pcs/ 500 pcs/ 700 pcs

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Presaturated with an alcohol-based formula. Sanitovid surface wipes are a cleaner and a disinfectant in one. Dedicated for rapid disinfection of small, diff cult-to-access surfaces such as tables, chairs, beds etc.
Also recommended for surfaces that have contact with food. Free of aldehyde and phenol, does not discolor disinfected surfaces.

Instructions for use:

Take a wipe and wipe the surface to be cleaned and disinfected. Use the tissue
within 21 days of opening the package. Do not use if tissue is dry. Do not use on areas that are
sensitive to alcohol (eg acrylic glass).
Active ingredients: Propan-2-ol, ethanol, amin, QAC.