SANITOVID Medical Face Mask Type II R EN14683 50 pcs per pack



Sanitovid Type IIR medical face masks EN14683 prevents large particles from reaching patient or working surfaces. Type IIR Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect against bodily fluids.

Type II face masks have a BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) of 98%. Face Masks of this type primarily prevent the user from infecting others. With a Face Masks, the small drops (aerosol) that are usually thrown out of the user’s mouth when talking, coughing, sneezing, etc.
are prevented from escaping to the surroundings.

Likewise, it protects, to some extent, the user from direct infection from the droplets (aerosol) that are
thrown out of the mouth of others when they speak, cough, sneeze, etc.
Approved and verified according to the test standards EN 14683: 2019 AC: 2019 for face masks